GM 1000 Geomarc

The rotary head GM 1000 is improved with the reverse drilling system for mine coring. After careful design, it has been fitted with all accessories to work on the African continent and final testing has given excellent results.

Antartico Corone - Core bit Antartic

We conducted a study and made a special bits production that will be used in the next project in Antarctic Project

Sonda GM600C - Drill Rig GM600



During June we build up and finish Drill Rig GM 600 C “S”

Geo Fluid 2016

Geo Fluid 2016

Geomarc is taking part to GeoFluid 2016 (5-8 October 2016 – Piacenza)

See you at our stand:

Nr. 12
lane A
Stand 1


sonda elicotterabile leggera